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We welcome you to The Links at Bodega Harbour!  To enjoy your round and golf experience to the fullest, we encourage you to refer to our recommendations on which tees to play, as a guideline.  You are welcome to play whichever tees you choose, while being able to keep up with Pace of Play requirements, which are 4 hours and 30 minutes for 18 holes. 

See Below for Hole Flyovers

(General tip for our greens…when in doubt, the putts tend to break towards the ocean 😊)        

Men’s Handicap Recommendation                                Women’s Handicap Recommendation

Black Tees: 0-9 handicap                                                 Black Tees: 0-4 handicap    

Blue Tees: 10-18 handicap                                              Blue Tees: 5-9 handicap

White Tees: 19-27 handicap                                           White Tees: 10-15 handicap

Gold Tees: 28+ handicap                                                 Gold Tees: 16+ handicap

Links at Bodega

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*Holes 1-9 are colored differently than Holes 10-18 for contrast.

  • Hole #1

    From our first tee, favor the middle or right-center of the fairway for the best approach shot to a steeply elevated green.

    Handicap Men: 3 & Women: 7

  • Hole #2

    A well-positioned tee shot in the fairway will leave you a short iron to the center of the green! This green has a false front, so staying below the hole should allow a birdie opportunity or help secure your par.

    Handicap Men: 7 & Women: 9

  • Hole #3

    This is a slightly uphill par 3 guarded by a large bunker on the right. Staying below the hole is again a premium, as the green slopes severely back to front.

    Handicap Men: 5 & Women: 13

  • Hole #4

    A well-positioned tee shot on the right (upper) fairway will allow a mid-iron, to this steeply elevated green!

    Handicap Men: 1 & Women: 3

  • Hole #5

    Direct your tee shot at, or slightly right of the aiming marker. This will leave you with options to either layup for a short iron to the green or to go for this Par 5 in 2!

    Handicap Men: 15 & Women: 5

  • Hole #6

    This hole plays downhill, but typically into a wind. Be sure to take enough club to get there! This green slopes severely from top to bottom.

    Handicap Men: 17 & Women: 17

  • Hole #7

    Play your tee shot to right front of the green and avoid the large bunker, which will allow the ball to chase to the center of this green, as it slopes right to left!

    Handicap Men: 11 & Women: 15

  • Hole #8

    Longer hitters can get on this Par 5 in 2, but the approach shot is a forced carry to this multi-tiered green; great birdie opportunity!

    Handicap Men: 13 & Women: 1

  • Hole #9

    Downhill tee shot in the fairway leaves a short iron in. Aim for the center of this two-tiered green which slopes considerably, right to left!

    Handicap Men: 9 & Women: 11

  • Hole #10

    Tee shot should favor left-center of the fairway to avoid bunkers on the right and leave the best angle in. This will leave a mid to short iron to green and another great birdie chance!

    Handicap Men: 18 & Women: 8

  • Hole #11

    Best placed drive is left-center of the fairway to avoid the bunkers and leave the best angle of approach. Mid to short iron should help set up a Par.

    Handicap Men: 6 & Women: 6

  • Hole #12

    Observe wind and elevation and take enough club to get your tee shot to this elevated green! The green slopes back to front, so the front third is ideal to stay below the hole (aim small, miss small)!

    Handicap Men: 12 & Women: 14

  • Hole #13

    The best tee shot is right-center of the fairway, for the best angle in and will minimize your distance to the green. Look to take advantage of the this gently sloping green and great chance at birdie!

    Handicap Men: 8 & Women: 12

  • Hole #14

    A good tee shot between the bunkers will leave you with a mid to long iron in, depending on conditions. The green slopes from back to front, so clear the approach bunkers for a pretty straight forward two putt.

    Handicap Men: 4 & Women: 10

  • Hole #15

    Tee shot to the middle fairway and second shot favoring the right-center of fairway, opens the best approach to the green!

    Handicap Men: 14 & Women: 2

  • Hole #16

    Take enough club to clear the marsh which will leave a short iron to the green. The longer hitters can go for the collection area to leave a short chip, pitch or putt, OR, take direct aim for the green on this reachable Par 4!

    Handicap Men: 16 & Women: 16

  • Hole #17

    Aim your tee shot to the center of this large green. The wind direction will usually push the ball to the right side, but can change daily…adjust accordingly.

    Handicap Men: 10 & Women: 18

  • Hole #18

    Take aim to the left-center of the fairway for a small advantage on our Home Hole. Depending on conditions, you’ll have a mid to short iron this green, with a dramatic drop in elevation of approximately 100 feet!

    Handicap Men: 2 & Women: 4

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